About Us 

 Mill River Park is a 900-acre site offering camping, picnic grove, and recreation areas, amphitheater, botanical garden, sports and trail areas and several dog parks, playgrounds as well as walking/biking path with a great view of the Milwaukee River. 


In the greenhouse, the staff of the park grow almost thousands of plants and flowers that are later are transplanted in the park system and on city property and maintain the landscaping on the Milwaukee gateways to the downtown area, and other locations within the town. 


Mill River Park provides amenities such as restrooms, restaurants and food carts. In case you will feel hungry, there are several food options. You can also rent sports gears such as bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades and more. There is also the ferry boat that will take you on a ride and will tour you around the Milwaukee river but only in the daytime as you can not see the view at night but still, the park is open and alive until 12 am. 


In addition, the park is busy especially during Christmas and New Year’s Eve where it turns into a sparkling and stunning place. There is also a live concert and fireworks display that everybody enjoys. 


The government’s mission is to implement the preservation and revitalization 

of the natural resources and the Milwaukee River as well as the management and improved public access and recreation. We strive to do our goals as a coalition in this project. Also to protect the park permanently, we encourage the locals to support the sustainability movement.  


To maintain the operation of Mill River Park and spread the word, we encourage the community to help us maintain the cleanliness and avoid vandalizing and avoid picking up the plants and flowers in the park. We welcome and will gladly accept donations and sponsorships.  


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