What are the opening and closing hours of the park? 


Mill River Park opens at 6 am and closes at 12 am excluding Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 


Does my dog have to be on a leash? 


Yes. It is required that your dogs be on a leash while at the Mill River Park. However, there are a few paths in the park you may let your dog run free without a leash. 


Can I use the playground even without a child with me? 


No, you need to have a child with you to enter the playground areas. Like any other playgrounds in many places, Mill River Park also restricts the use of its playground to children under the age of 12 and the adults who accompany them. 


Can I host public or private events in the park? 


Yes. But first, you need to acquire permits for events, group activities, assemblies, contests, exhibits, wedding ceremonies, parades or whatever that involve more than 15 people. Note that submitting a request for permit does not automatically guarantee permission for the use o the space. Everything will have to depend on the nature of the event. Contact us through email or simply visit our office located at the Mill River Park. 


Can I shoot a video or take pictures in the park? 


If you are in the park to enjoy the moment and want to take photos with your family or friends, you are free to do that. But for anyone who wants to photograph or take a video commercially at the Mill River Park, you must acquire a written permit. We require a permit for disrupting park users and let them be aware of the events ongoing or otherwise restrict the use of a public area. We include permit fees, cost depends on the nature, location, and length of the shoot. Contact or visit our office.