A nice place to visit, if you want to feel relaxed and at peace. Perfect for everyone! 



By local and tourist standards, the Mill River Park in Milwaukee is a great public space. Milwaukee is a proud city that clearly works hard to serve the community. The river is attractive and clean. The walkways are wide and well maintained. While walking, you can see the trees and gardens with local produce. You can even rent bicycles for a very low cost per hour. One end of the park has a picnic grove, and the other end has a large amphitheater. This is one of the best places in Milwaukee to watch fireworks during holidays and special events. 



My best park concept photograph in Milwaukee. Along the Milwaukee Mill River Park are tall buildings such as offices, and malls. Many visitors here go shopping and enjoy all the good food treats all year round and then proceed to relaxing in the park.  



I am a local living in Milwaukee, I always go to Mill River Park. It is a nice place to stay and enjoy moments with your loved ones. It was a place to go jogging, biking etc in the morning. And at night, you can see several couples dating, as well as sparkling lights from buildings surrounding the park.  



Nature is the best scenery and it is always good to see nature in the midst of tall buildings and houses. The Mill River Park is still clean just like before and is now getting more popular because of the beautiful and improving scenery. I am sure that locals are taking good care of the park so it can bring even more good things to more people not only for locals living in Milwaukee but also for the tourists who love nature.